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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Send Off for Quilting Friend!!

Sue, top picture, has been trying to sell her house for almost 2 years and move to one of the Carolina's (sorry can't remember which one). It finally got sold and they are moving next week. A group of us signed a signature block and Peg put it all together with the center that she embroidered! Click on it to read the inscription! Nancy, from the group, quilted it. We took Sue to dinner last Thu and presented her with the quilt. She was very shocked and touched. Vickie gave her the plaque to hang on her wall with the lovely saying on it. It was a very nice night and a great send off for a fellow quilter. We will miss her.


Blogger Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Kathy... I sure wish I was there... But, I am glad Susan was very happy with the quilt.... I know she will be missed by a lot of people.... She is going to North Carolina... :)

10:12 AM


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