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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Angel Quilt!

One of our quilters, Sally, felt compelled to make a quilt when the tragedy happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Sally grew up in that area until moving to the Cape.  She asked quilters to make an angel block.  It had to be 12 1/2".   On each angel she wrote the name of one of the 26 lost on that tragic day.  I made the middle one on the top row and the middle of the 4th row.  Sally presented it to one of the fathers who lost a child that day.  He came here on the request of the Yarmouth Police Dept. to participate in the annual run that the Yarmouth Police Dept. puts on in early May.  It will hang in their school.  This is another picture of the quilt.  Click on it to see it better.


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