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Monday, February 03, 2014

First For Me!!

This is a first for me--not the flowers, but how I got them.  George went out of town to get a fire truck.  The following day, I got a call from a florist in Barnstable telling me that they had flowers for me. The only time they could deliver them was about 3:00 pm that day.  I told her that I had to go somewhere and wouldn't be home until about 4:00.  I told her to leave them on the step.  She said she couldn't do that because they'd freeze.  Was there any place that I could leave them, a neighbor, a car in the yard, etc.?  I couldn't think of any place.  Finally she said, 'I know, I'll call the liquor store up the street and ask if we can leave them there'.  "Are you kidding me, do you think I frequent the liquor store enough that they'd know me" I said.  She said, "let me call them and see what they say."   Well, I guess I do frequent it enough, because they said they'd hold them for me!   So at 4:00 o'clock I sheepishly go into the liquor store and said, 'do I have flowers waiting for me here?"  "Yes, you do the clerk said, and they are gorgeous and smell so nice."  Well this is a first for me!  Never have I picked up flowers at a liquor store before.  You should have seen the look from people coming into the store as I was leaving with my flowers that were in this vase and loosely wrapped with clear plastic!!  I wonder if any of them said,    "I'll have what she just took out of here"!!
Thank you for the flowers, George!  They are lovely and smell nice!


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