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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Our Sweetie is Almost 3!!!

We just came out of a restaurant and she's sitting with the gorilla!  haha
We went to see a local play of The Little Mermaid.  She loved it.  She was so excited to have Ariel come down off the stage and talk to her.
She loves this hat. So cute!!


Blogger J~A~W on the Seashore said...

Those are my favorite kind of hats, too. I have one on the dashboard of my Dodge from The Cape. I can't believe that Bean is almost three. Time flies when you're having fun. I also can't believe that I'm living in Kissimmee! My how times have changed. I hope that you and Alison have wonderful Mother's Days, Aunt Kathy, you treated me so well when I visited The Cape as a youngster, you were like my summer Mom. I hope you have all the blessings of a wonderful Mother's Day as you deserve them.

All my Love, J. Adam

4:23 AM


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