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Saturday, August 02, 2014

New Stove and Dishwasher

In the middle of company and a load of dishes, the dishwasher quit.  It not only quilt, but had smoke coming out of it!!  Since it was 16 yrs old and had never been serviced, we decided to get a new one.  Ever since we did the kitchen over a couple of years ago, I've wanted a new stove to match all the other appliances.  Sooooo... when we went to the appliance store, we asked the guy if we'd gat a discount  if we bought two things.  He said yes and he'd also cut the delivery price in half!  We also got  new dehumidifier.  We got a discount on that too!  What a difference the new dehumidifier makes in the cellar!  Now I just have to learn my new dishwasher and stove.  I'm studying!!!  George messed with the awning and now that is broken too.  It's been an expensive week!


Anonymous Bob Eaton said...

Nice flip flops in the dishwasher reflection! If you lived in The Villages you wouldn't need a stove!

11:01 PM


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