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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I have quite a story to tell of the trailer shown here! It started about 3 weeks ago. At suppertime I got a call from a man wanting to bring his trailer in for about 13 days. I told him that it couldn't be longer than 14 days and he said that was okay. We settled on a price and then he said, "oh I must tell you that somewhere between Chicago and the Cape, someone stole the tags off my trailer" I quickly told him that we couldn't have it here (my fear is always that we are going to get stuck with these trailers and it'll be here forever) and he would probably be picked up by the police if he went on the road without plates. He agreed. A few days later I got a call from a woman who wanted to bring in a trailer for about 2 weeks and I went through the same thing with about not being longer than 2 weeks. She said that a Mr. Williams or a Mr. Kennedy would bring it in the afternoon. Now, I was really getting a funny feeling about this. They never showed up and I was relieved. The next day she called again and assured me that they'd be in that afternoon. I told her that I wanted 2 weeks up front if they did come in. They never came in that afternoon either. Again I was relieved. She called the following day and said they'd be in and they'd have a credit card. The trailer showed up about 3:00 pm and was a total disaster. They put it in the site in the wrong direction and never leveled it. The man and woman came over to pay with a credit card and they were pretty hard looking but seemed genuinely nice. The credit card had V. Kennedy written on it but I didn't pay it much attention. The couple was quiet and kept to themselves. About the 4th day the trailer was there, I got a call and it was from the woman that was staying in the trailer. She said that they were employed by Max and Vicky Kennedy (she said: "the real Kennedy, Bobby's son, Maxwell and his wife) and they were horrible to work for and expected them to completely overhaul the trailer and dump all the junk in our dumpster. She said that they just couldn't do that to us because I'd been so nice to them. She said that they had abandoned the trailer and went back to California. She gave me both Max's and Vicky's phone number. Oh dear what a dilemma!! I walked over to their site and there was stuff everywhere. Some of it was good, like beautiful oak wood, tools, etc. but some of it was terrible like clothes still hanging on the line and garbage just left on the picnic table outside. George immediately called both numbers and asked that they return his call explaining that the trailer had been abandoned. Of course, I'm the one who got the return call from Vicky. At first she was a little snippy with me saying that they had paid until the 13th of August and the trailer could stay there. I told her that that was correct but there was tons of crap left behind and I wasn't going to be responsible if tools, wood, etc, got stolen. She assured me that it would be cleaned up. Someone came that afternoon and took all the good things laying around and none of the bad. I figured, 'here we go, we're going to get stuck with this hunk of junk'. But, to my surprise they came the next day, cleaned everything up and actually took out the trailer. A few days later JoAnna was in a road race that went by Craigville Beach and she glanced away from the water and there in, 'Eunice Kennedy Shriver Park' was the lovely hunk of junk! She couldn't believe her eyes. After the race, she went back and it really was the same trailer!!! I do believe that it was the same trailer that the man called me about the first time!! So, that's another saga for Bass River Trailer Park!!!


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