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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day!

Got the flowers on the graves in South Yarmouth. The top is Grandma, Warren, Ma and Edmond. Warren got a flower and a flag from the fire dept. Edmond got a flag from the Navy. Grandpa's grave also got a flag from the military. Karen has been gone 20 years!! Where has the time gone? She has 6 beautiful grandchildren that she never got to hold!! So sad. Carleen has been gone 2 years. Time is just flying by. George and I went to Otis National Cemetery yesterday. We put a flower on his parents grave, 'visited' his friend, Danny who died last year, and observed the ceremony that the military puts on every year for the veterans. It was very emotional. Went to KMart parking lot where there is a military presence. Cape Cod Cares for the Troops has a military function there every Memorial weekend. They had many things going on. They had a prayer tent where one could write the name of someone serving in the military or has served on a piece of paper and then you staple the paper to the wall and the minister says a prayer. I wrote my nephew, Matthew Rodrigues, name down and then the minister said a prayer for him. There was a very nice ceremony at the Town Hall this morning for all the veterans also.


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