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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Yarmouth Seaside Festival!

Here is a picture of the bonfire at Smugglers Beach last night.  Great job, Jim and guys!!  There were tons of people.  There was also a food truck and a DJ!!  Fun!  Fun!!
Also a picture of the bed race.  Erin did a fantastic job.  Jamie got the trophies-good job!!  I heard lots of good comments about it and they can't wait for next year.  There were supposed to be 6 entrants in the race, but there were only 5.  Even so, everyone had a good time.


Blogger Adam on the Dock of the Chesapeake said...

Aunt Kathy,

The pictures of the Seaside Festival and the posts here and online look wonderful. I hope you had a great turnout.

Much Love,

J. Adam

5:55 AM


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