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Friday, February 07, 2014

Quilts From Quilt Guild Members!

Our guild celebrated Valentines Day last night.  Everyone brought in a box or bag with treats in them.  Some had treats to eat, some had other kind of treats.  Everyone was to write a little poem.  It could made it up, gotten it off the internet, or off a card.  Then we placed our goodies on the back table.  A member put a number beside each one.  We each drew a number and we'd pick the gift with that number.  It was fun.  I got cookies, candies, crackers, cheese, and a small bottle of wine!  Nice.
This is a quilt that the guild made about a year ago.  A bunch of us each did a square and then someone else put it all together.  I think we're going to raffle it off in the near future.  Mine is the next to the last in the second row with a white VW-love the expression on the dog's face--like where are we going now.


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