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Friday, October 06, 2006

Quilt Guild!!

We had a guest speaker at our guild last night. Her name is Christine Fries-Ureel. She lives in Vermont and is a quilt teacher. She's entered quilts in quilt shows and won! I especially like the one she calls Miranda the Tempest! The blowing hair is unbelievable in detail. You can feel that you are actually looking out to sea at a shipwreck!! She said it took her 10 months to complete. The baby floating in the water took her almost as long to make! I'll post some more of her work in the next few days.


Blogger Suzanne said...

I clicked on the pix to enlarge the image and I can really see the detail. The Tempest one is unbelievable. The baby one is very good too. (but I would have liked it better if there hadn't been a squirrel in the tree! YOu kno how I feel about those darn rodents!) Seriously, these are really works of art. Thanks for sharing. And have fun at the SEaside Festival this weekend. See you there! Suzanne

8:23 AM

Anonymous Ed said...

Ya reckon the "baby" is Moses? Have fun at the sea side festival.Don't forget my shirt,ha,ha!
Love Ya

10:33 AM

Anonymous Ed said...

Ya reckon the "baby" is Moses? Have fun at the sea side festival.Don't forget my shirt,ha,ha!
Love Ya

10:34 AM

Blogger Fortunato Panda said...

Holy cow, those are amazing! If I do get a place down the Cape I might getthe quilting bug? Do the quilting circles handicap like in bowling? I'm afraid my contributions to the quilting world would be sub par otherwise :) But that's not to say a craft klutz like myself can't enjoy beautiful creations. Imagine if we could affect world peace by creating something and giving it to even just one person at a time? Equate that with quilting and we could blanket the world in peace & love in no time! Words are often words but a quilt spread warmth literally and figuratively just like that. I think it could work. I suppose some nay-sayers might then say that the spread of quilts around the world was contributing to global warming. But I'd say if kindness and creativity melts some polar caps then so be it. Besides there's enough cold hearts & deeds to fuel new glaciers. Here's to spreading warmth and peace. They may at times take more effort and care then cold & discontent but oh how it's worth it. And along the same ladies, those of us that experience hot flashes at times, consider this...that warmth you generate may just save the world from coldness. Okay, that might be a little bit of a stretch :) Thanks for sharing such pretty creations. Cheetos, Andrea

5:26 PM


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