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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On to St. thomas!

St. Thomas was a beautiful island. We drove up into the hills to see the harbor. It was a little hazy, but you can see all the cruise ships in port. Ours was the the end one of this side and one of the biggest! The Oasis of the Seas is bigger! We also went to Blackbeard's Castle and then walked into town from there. There is a museum to amber there and this waterfall is made completely of amber. It was so pretty. Legend says if you run your hand down it, you'll have good financial luck, so we had to rub our hand on it!! Hope it works! 2009 wasn't a good year in the car wash. Already, because of the snow, 2010 has been better in the car wash, so maybe it's working!!!


Anonymous Jean M. :) said...

Hi Kathy... I love the views...One day I will get there... Enjoy your trip.... :)

11:25 AM

Blogger Katy & Ruth said...

I loved our Cruise...Have fun and enjoy it! At least its probably way warmer there!

9:58 PM


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