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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hodge Podge!

There was a small pile of snow on our deck and this little squirrel came up several times to take a hunk of it! JoAnna caught a picture of him. Click on it to get a good look! You had to be quick because if he heard you by the door, he'd run! I don't like squirrels when they are in my house trying to do damage, as they did in FL, but they are cute outside!! A quilt that I'm going to be giving as a wedding gift is ready for the quilter! I took it to her on Fri. Some beautiful roses that my husband sent me for Valentine's Day! Thanks, George! A beautiful, non dairy cake that Mimi had made for Erin's 30th birthday!! Very nice and it tasted good too!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish you could see the hunk of snow he was eating because it was cute! He kept grabbing a big hunk and eating it like a snow cone!

12:27 PM


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