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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quilting Retreat - March 2010

I took a class at the Eastham retreat to make a 4-hour bag. After 8 hours I still wasn't done!!! haha I finally finished it at home. I've put a ruler in it to make it stand up. It's very pretty and really not hard, just time consuming!! I didn't take any break, except for potty and lunch on Sat trying to make this and I was so tense, I put my back into spasm. I learned a lesson. I'll never stay that long on a project. Usually I take a walk or do something else in a different position, but I wanted to get this bag done. It's done. The only other thing I did this weekend was start a mystery quilt and finish the binding on this cute baby quilt.


Anonymous Jean M. said...

Hi Kathy... I am going to do the same bag in brown one of these days... but, Great job and I love the quilt you made.... Keep up the great work... :)

11:37 AM


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