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Friday, March 05, 2010

Visit to Maryland!!

First we were in Florida and we got a new mattress and bedspread. I like it a lot!! Then George flew to WI to get a fire truck and I flew to Maryland to visit Alison and Scott. That was a nightmare trip with flights being canceled, etc. I finally got there. They took me to see their 'new' house (they close March 22nd). It's a nice area. I need to get a picture of Erin's house in Marston's Mills-when the spring comes! We then went to see my nephew and family. They have a 2 yr old daughter, Hannah. I brought her 2 books and a stuffed animal. She loved the books. She plopped on the couch immediately to 'read' them. That didn't last long. She wanted to see what else she got!!


Blogger Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Kathy... I love the bedspread... It is beautiful.... :)

2:02 PM


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