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Monday, September 06, 2010

A Visit!!

Look who's come for a visit!! It's Erin's kitten, Sophie!! She's peeking out from behind my computer on my desk! Erin went camping and Sophie stayed with us for 4 days. She was very shy and scared at first but soon got quite comfortable. She's a ball of fire and into everything. She has a very short attention span and jumps from one thing to another and doesn't miss anything along the way. She's crazy but cute!!


Blogger Sparkling said...

Looks like you have the short attention span too. You didn't finish your last sentence! Did she eat you?

5:43 PM

Blogger Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Kathy.. What a sweet cat... I enjoy kittens and they sure can get into a lot of mischief... Have fun with you hours guest... :)

11:06 AM

Anonymous Erin said...

I am glad you enjoyed her visit, because you are going to get more of her REAL soon!

9:45 PM


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