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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Sister, Carleen

This was my sister, Carleen at 1 yr old in 1961. She weighed 4lb 13oz at birth and had to be put in doll clothes because she was so tiny. I remember one pink dress in particular. She looked just like a doll in it. She has cancer and is gravely ill and is not expected to live very long. Please say a prayer for her. Also, please make sure that you do your yearly check ups with your doctor and have exams. This may have been prevented had she done this! May peace be with her!


Blogger My Life and Quilting said...

Hi Kathy... My Symphathy to you and your family... May your sister be at peace and may you find comfort in all the wonderful times you have had with her... Peace be with you... :)

11:37 AM


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