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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Quilts from Quilt Guild in September!

Luanne showed a quilt that Adele made her for helping her this summer in Maine. Adele showed a quilt that her Mom made her for her birthday. Katy showed us another wedding quilt that she made (she's had a lot of weddings this year). Jan showed a quilt she made. All lovely, ladies!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Quilts from September Quilt Guild!!

The quilt guild ladies were busy over the summer. Luanne showed us a 'quit as you go' quilt that looks easy. Adele did a table runner that looks harder than it actually is. Joan's is very pretty. That blue is striking. Tricia's is called an eraser quilt. AFter you put the blocks together, you take an eraser dipped in paint and stamp the design. Very nice quilts, ladies. More later.....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Quilt #2 Finished!

This is the second quilt I got back from the quilter. If you click on the second picture, you can see the great quilting. The binding and label are done. It's being donated to the New England Society for Abandoned Animals for their silent auction at the Cultural Center in So.Yarmouth on Sept. 25th. Earlier this summer they discovered a house that had over 40 cats in horrible condition. They took them all and got them medical treatment and spayed or neutered. Some had to be euthanized but the rest were put up for adoption. To defray the costs, they are having a silent auction. I hope this finds a good home. It's warm and cozy.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One Down, One to Go!!

This is one of two quilts that I got back from the quilter a couple of weeks ago. I finished the binding yesterday and am working on the binding on the other one. It should be finished today or tomorrow at the latest. I've been sewing up quilts like crazy lately. I have two at the quilter's at the moment and another one started. I don't know why I've been working so fast and furious on them. My hands have been quite sore, so maybe I'm trying to finish a few up before I have to take a rest!!! Who knows. I just know that I can't seem to stop lately. I also want to lessen my stash of material.

Monday, September 06, 2010

A Visit!!

Look who's come for a visit!! It's Erin's kitten, Sophie!! She's peeking out from behind my computer on my desk! Erin went camping and Sophie stayed with us for 4 days. She was very shy and scared at first but soon got quite comfortable. She's a ball of fire and into everything. She has a very short attention span and jumps from one thing to another and doesn't miss anything along the way. She's crazy but cute!!