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Thursday, February 27, 2014

More from our Guild Members!!

Sheila's quilt
Sunny's quilt
Part of a quilt that I'm making!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Sweeties!

For Valentine's Day Alison made this cute heart-shaped cushion for Lena to read her books on.  So comfy looking.  She gave her some books too.  I like this picture of Alison and Lena

Monday, February 10, 2014

More From Our Guild!

Isn't this flag lovely.  Dee made it for her husband.  She embroidered the eagle in the center of the flag.  It'll be featured in our show with some other Patriotic quilts because our theme is: Made in America.
The middle quilt a member made for her new grandson to be!  Cute.  The last one is a wallhanging that a member made.  Goes along with the Olympics, I think!!

Friday, February 07, 2014

Quilts From Quilt Guild Members!

Our guild celebrated Valentines Day last night.  Everyone brought in a box or bag with treats in them.  Some had treats to eat, some had other kind of treats.  Everyone was to write a little poem.  It could made it up, gotten it off the internet, or off a card.  Then we placed our goodies on the back table.  A member put a number beside each one.  We each drew a number and we'd pick the gift with that number.  It was fun.  I got cookies, candies, crackers, cheese, and a small bottle of wine!  Nice.
This is a quilt that the guild made about a year ago.  A bunch of us each did a square and then someone else put it all together.  I think we're going to raffle it off in the near future.  Mine is the next to the last in the second row with a white VW-love the expression on the dog's face--like where are we going now.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Odds and Ends!

This is a basket made by one of our guild members!
This quilt was also made by one of our guild members.  Took the picture a while ago, so can't remember who made it!
This is a jacket that was on display at the Quilt show I went to in November.  Forgot to post it.  All very beautiful!!

Monday, February 03, 2014

First For Me!!

This is a first for me--not the flowers, but how I got them.  George went out of town to get a fire truck.  The following day, I got a call from a florist in Barnstable telling me that they had flowers for me. The only time they could deliver them was about 3:00 pm that day.  I told her that I had to go somewhere and wouldn't be home until about 4:00.  I told her to leave them on the step.  She said she couldn't do that because they'd freeze.  Was there any place that I could leave them, a neighbor, a car in the yard, etc.?  I couldn't think of any place.  Finally she said, 'I know, I'll call the liquor store up the street and ask if we can leave them there'.  "Are you kidding me, do you think I frequent the liquor store enough that they'd know me" I said.  She said, "let me call them and see what they say."   Well, I guess I do frequent it enough, because they said they'd hold them for me!   So at 4:00 o'clock I sheepishly go into the liquor store and said, 'do I have flowers waiting for me here?"  "Yes, you do the clerk said, and they are gorgeous and smell so nice."  Well this is a first for me!  Never have I picked up flowers at a liquor store before.  You should have seen the look from people coming into the store as I was leaving with my flowers that were in this vase and loosely wrapped with clear plastic!!  I wonder if any of them said,    "I'll have what she just took out of here"!!
Thank you for the flowers, George!  They are lovely and smell nice!

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Good Job!!

Here's JoAnna doing her riding lesson!
This was in the plant when George went to Bradenton the other day!  My brother, Bob, and his wife, Susan, used to help out at the Kentucky Speedway for years!  George thought this was interesting!!